Trexel delivers some unique advantages to the consumer goods industry beyond just cost reduction, design freedom, and sustainability. MuCell® has been used for its energy return capabilities in athletic footwear and for its buoyancy characteristics in water sports equipment, for example.

Injection Molded Consumer Goods

The MuCell® process provides many unique characteristics in injection molded consumer goods. Below are a few of the many benefits businesses will see, using the Trexel technology in their product creation:

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Energy Absorbance

Physical foaming enhances the energy absorbance of TPU and soft PVC molded parts.

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Added Buoyancy

The decrease in material density provides injection molded parts used in water sports with added buoyancy.

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Reduced Part Cost

Implementing the MuCell® process typically reduces part costs by 10 to 20% as a result of less material consumption, shorter cycle time and reduced machine clamping tonnage requirements.

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Dimensional Stability

Many internal paper printer parts are manufactured using the MuCell® process, obtaining dimensionally stable and warpage free components critical to the required accuracy in such parts.