Trexel’s foaming technologies are used in many diverse industrial applications from shipping pallets to fill level floats in liquid tanks.

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Cost and Processing Advantages

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• 8-12% material density reduction

• 20-30% total part weight reduction by designing for MuCell®

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Reduced Costs

• Reduced resin consumption

• Faster molding cycle time

• Increased yields

• Smaller molding machine

• Use of lower cost filled polyolefin material

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• Reduced petrolium based material consumption

• Reduced molding machine energy consumption

• Ability to re-grind/re-use molded parts

• Reduced carbon footprint versus solid molding

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Design Freedom

• Thin to thick wall flow

• 1:1 wall thickness rib structure

• Material where needed for function versus flow

• Improved dimensional stability

• Less warpage