Trexel engineering and innovation changes the game in blow molding by improving process consistency and cell structure while minimizing the investment in machine or die head modifications, reducing implementation time and eliminating royalties and and license fees.

Leading the Evolution

Trexel is a leader in providing lightweighting solutions to plastic injection molders and blow molders, and we have extended our license and royalty free Trexel MuCell® foaming solution to blow molded components across a number of industries. Trexel has long been active in automotive blow molding applications currently targeting HVAC ducts in electric vehicles to reduce weight, improve insulation, and extend battery life. Now, as a result of breakthrough innovations, Trexel has added a range of packaging solutions in cosmetics, detergent, and other household products. Trexel is well placed to service these markets due to its current worldwide support and infrastructure.

Expanding Markets

Trexel’s innovations in SCF delivery control permits significant light-weighting of EBM bottles while meeting impact strength requirements of the products. This technology can be applied to larger bottles and those with more complex geometry including handles. Until the advent of Trexel’s developments the significant impact loss with foamed bottles made it impossible to foam bottles greater than 500 ml.  This is no longer the case.

Key Advantages of Blow Molding

How the System Works

The Trexel MuCell B-Series SCF (Supercritical fluid) delivery system is a CE marked dosing unit designed specifically for blow molding applications. A self-adjusting feature of the SCF system assures consistency and precise dosing shot to shot.

The system is designed to convert industrial grade nitrogen into supercritical fluid. The supercritical fluid (N2) ensures that there is the solubility of a liquid and diffusivity of a gas. This maximizes the efficiency and promotes the low amounts of N2 in the parison which allow for the largest processing window and best efficiency.

The B-Series SCF delivery system is available in two different configurations and two sizes depending on the size of the parison and the accumulator head.

  • B-120 or B-320- For continuous screw rotation, Accumulator head and extrusion blow-molding.
  • B-100 or B-300- For intermittent screw rotation, Accumulator head blow molding.

Break the Old Rules

The inherent inefficiency of conventional injection molding is the reliance on the screw to pack the cavity as the plastic solidifies and shrinks. The conventional use of the pack & hold phase imposes part design and processing limitations that the industry has accepted since its inception.

Unlock New Possibilities

MuCell® technology relies on cell growth to uniformly pack the entire cavity. Localized packing force from within the cavity unlocks processing and design freedom otherwise unobtainable through conventional holding pressure.

Implementing MuCell®

MuCell® is a one-time equipment purchase with no license fee.

The technology can be integrated into new injection molding machines by Trexel’s OEM partners or retrofitted into existing injection molding machines by Trexel’s field engineers.

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