Trexel released the P-Series in 2018, a MuCell® system specifically designed to meet the unique processing demands of thin-wall packaging molders.

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Trexel Packaging Benefits

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Recyclable Products

Trexel allows recycling in package creation. Since the physical foaming process does not alter the chemistry of the polymer, MuCell® foamed products can be recycled within their designated material group.

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Thinner Wall Molding

The substantially-reduced injection pressure of Trexel molding (in comparison to conventional molding) allows for thinner wall molding applications without increasing the clamp tonnage of the molding machine. (In some cases, the technology even allows for clamp tonnage reduction.)

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Unique Design Freedom

The elimination of flow restrictions during cavity filling provide for unique design freedom, such as the thickest walls at the end of fill for sealing lips in food containers. Part cost savings with MuCell® are typically 5 to 15%.