Successful applications are the result of several companies working together to create a high-performance injection molding system.

Trexel Partners

Over the years, Trexel has established close partnerships with leading injection molding machine suppliers and other industry partners, providing the end user with a maximum return on the investment in our technologies.

Injection Molding Machine Suppliers

Implementing MuCell® requires close coordination with the Injection Molding Machine supplier in order to build a MuCell®-capable molding machine. While Trexel can supply a retrofit to virtually any injection molding machine, the following partners are licensed to build a MuCell®-compatible injection molding machine:

Design Partners

Trexel/GK Concept JV completely focused on providing optimized part and tool design for MuCell®. 2Limit brings the foaming application expertise of Trexel to an experienced, innovative, and fully capable design firm to enable customers to maximize the potential of foaming for each application.

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Industry Partners

Trexel has partnerships and close relationships with many technology and service providers throughout the injection molding industry.