August 9, 2021


Course Offering: September 20–21, 2021

The MuCell® process for injection molding of microcellular foamed parts uses nitrogen or CO2 in a supercritical state as the foaming agent. The expansion of the supercritical fluid creates an internal packing pressure that replaces the traditional pack / hold phase of the injection molding process. This allows for unique part designs by eliminating the need for the traditional packing phase and the design constraints that this requires. Simulation technology has come a long way in predicting the cell structure development during the cycle and how it impacts part quality as well as cycle time. This workshop will provide a thorough overview of the MuCell® process and allow attendees to visualize the process through Moldex3D simulations and correlate the findings on an injection molding machine at Penn State. In addition to the equipment requirements, attendees will learn which types of parts and applications for which this process should be considered.

Course Outline

This workshop is geared toward molding and molding simulation professionals including engineers, technicians, and managers who are currently using or considering adding the MuCell® process to their capabilities. Anyone that specifies injection molded parts will also benefit by attending this workshop.

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